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The Physique Lab

Drawing on personal and professional experience, our Physique Lab programme is designed using science-backed training methods to allow you to achieve long term results all from your own home. If you are interested in real aesthetic changes you can make from a training programme at home, then our Physique Lab programme is for you.




Professional Individualised Programming

With all the tools you need you are then ready to start your own personal project in to achieving a physique like you have never done before. With our professional knowledge and science backed training methods we can help you achieve long-term progress via our online training programme, tailored to your ability, strength levels and long term goals.

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Have access to everything you need at home from £180

Teaming up with our exclusive equipment supplier Absolute Performance we have designed the ultimate in essential home equipment packages, available to purchase to Physique Lab clients. We have designed packages to meet all budget requirements without compromising on results – BASIC, PRO & ELITE.
By investing in your own equipment with a one-off purchase you will ensure you have access to all you need to make continuous progress in developing muscle size and tone, all from the comfort of your own home.

Download our equipment price list here

Ongoing Support & Motivation

In addition to the online programme, you have the option to add on support bundles including client weekly check-ins, to help check progress and monitor adherence and our nutrition support bundle will providing a framework for your dietary intake to support your training goals.

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Join our growing list of clients who have achieved online success
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To start your ‘Physique Lab’ journey and access our exclusive home equipment packages along with your own individualised online personal training programme, simply purchase your first month below.

Want more information on what exactly The Physique Lab online training is about?  Download our client handbook

Professional Coaching Support

A programme that, with your application and adherence, is guaranteed to bring you all new results

On-going Training Support

The option to add on a weekly support bundle where you will have access to weekly client check-ins along the way

Exclusive Discount on Home Training Equipment

We will send you information on how to purchase your choice of essential equipment for your Physique Lab programme

To start your journey on our Physique Lab training programme and join our list of successful clients, simply sign up to a minimum of 3 months online coaching from just £40 per month.

Initial Sign Up (First 3 month coaching) – £120

Introductory Offer – Now Only £75

*Available for the first 10 sign ups only