Congratulations on taking your first step towards joining our successful clients on the Physique Lab home training programme

To allow for us to get programming for you and ensure we design it accurately on your training experience, ability and individual requirements, please fill in the form below.  Once you submit the form we will send you the Physique Lab Client Handbook while we get to work our end and be in touch as soon as your programme is ready. In the meantime you can proceed to our equipment partner, Absolute Performance, to make your purchase of your home equipment.  Once your programme has been designed and equipment delivered to your door, you are ready to start your journey to long term results.

Online Coaching Screening Form

How long have you been training?

Approx. 1RM Back Squat

Approx. 1RM Bench Press

The aim of the Physique Lab is to help clients to gain muscle and drop bodyfat long-term, however in the short term (First 3 months) what is your primary goal?

Please upload an image of your current physical condition in as little clothing as you are comfortable sharing. Recommendations – Men – Sport shorts pulled up. Women – Sports shorts & Sports Bra/ Top.

Following your form submission, you will be sent a link about how to purchase your choice of home equipment from our partner supplier Absolute Performance, along with recommendations on the package/ weight required. You can then go ahead and place your order with Absolute performance, delivered directly to your door.

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