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Tom Turner Strength & Conditioning is a Cardiff based, high performance, coaching service that is available to assist you in achieving your physical goals. With over 6 years of working in professional sport Tom has the knowledge base and practical experience to provide a range of services including personal training, strength and conditioning programming, physical performance assessments, body fat analysis and more.

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Your journey to the body you want starts here, with our highly sought after, award winning Personal Training and Weight Loss Management programs.

With Tom Turner strength & conditioning attention to detail is of the highest priority. Under his guidance and support you will receive a rounded and robust professional program to assist in improving movement quality, increasing strength, increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat, reducing likelihood of injury, improving lifestyle habits, health and well being.
Professional Services

We are available to provide a variety of services from strength & conditioning consultancy to professional personal training.

All services provide are done so at the highest standard that can only be provided form years of full time experience working with a full range of clients, from national sports teams to private youth athletes starting their sporting journey.

Personal Training
Personal training with Tom Turner Strength & Conditioning starts with an initial consultation where you will outline what you desire to achieve from the period of training and support
Strength & Performance
Strength & Conditioning support is for those who wish to benefit from professional coaching and to train like a professional athlete for their sport.
Body Recomp
Body recomp is aimed for those who want to change their body image through physical training and nutrition to add lean muscle tissue or reduce body fat for the enhanced physique you desire.
Endurance Running
With running taking off in Cardiff in the last few years, more and more runners are looking to strength training to help gain the advantage on the competition and aspire for personal best times.
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Injuries in sport are extremely frustrating and the process of taking time off due to initial injury or even operating theater, through to early stage physiotherapy can disheartening.

Receive support from a professional coach. Get results like a professional athlete.

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With an impressive coaching background in professional team sport Tom is available to provide his knowledge and support to help you achieve your goals.  From weekend warrior looking to drop a few pounds for summer to the youth athlete looking to go as far as they can in their sport Tom is available to help.  With the availability of online support or face to face coaching Tom is available to those seeking professional strength and conditioning coaching as well as personal training.

Tom Tuner

Tom studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University graduating with a BSc in Sport & Physical Education before progressing on to graduate with an MSc in Strength & Conditioning.


I worked with Tom because I wanted to lose some weight for my wedding in October. He was very thorough and professional in all aspects of my plan including training, diet guide and accountability. As a result I lost about 3kg in 8 weeks, noticed improved tone on my stomach and legs and received a lot of positive comments from family and friends on my transformation. Really pleased with the results and I have certainly learned some positive habits for lifestyle and weight management to help me maintain my improved physique. Very happy 🙂

Glamorgan CCC

Having worked with Tom for a number of years I have seen at first hand how dedicated and organised he is so it was an easy decision to sign up to a training programme. Tom has motivated me to try and regain past fitness levels and so far I have enjoyed every session. Tom is calm and offers clear guidance whilst encouraging you to learn as you go. I feel like I have made huge improvements already and would recommend working with Tom

Online Client - Chicago USA

I’ve been involved in athletics, athletic performance and strength training my entire life and surrounded by well educated professionals on this matter. Tom is without a doubt one of the best, his knowledge and expertise paid great dividends for myself. I personally don’t think it’s that challenging as well if you are committed and put in the effort. Tom provides everything you need and more, consistently responding on time when I had a question.


With individual bespoke programming Tom Turner Strength & Conditioning will ensure you have the foundations and support in place to help you achieve your desired results.

Sessions are geared towards helping you achieve the results you want, whether it’s losing weight, getting in shape, recovering from an injury or improving your stamina.

So if you are looking to lose some body fat and tone up for that bikini summer body; a marathon runner looking to improve marathon performance; a rugby player looking to add muscle mass or simply a weekend warrior who wants to benefit from professional coaching then get in touch to start planning for that stronger and fitter you.

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